Updating Standard Attributes of ADF Components

public void reorder(ActionEvent actionEvent) {

try {

// getting RichTable Object

RichTable richTable = getCorrTable();

// getting children of RichTable

List<UIComponent> uiComponentList = richTable.getChildren();

//iterating over childrens

if (uiComponentList != null) {

for (UIComponent uiComponent : uiComponentList) {

//checking instance of children

if (uiComponent instanceof RichColumn &&

uiComponent.isRendered()) {

// setting display index







} catch (Exception ex) {





Private void adjustColumnDisplay(RichColumn uic, Boolean visibleFlag){

FacesContext fc = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();

ChangeManager cm = RequestContext.getCurrentInstance().getChangeManager();

ComponentChange cc = new AttributeComponentChange(“visible”, visibleFlag);

cm.addComponentChange(fc, uic, cc);


In this sample, we are taking all columns of a table in reorder method and changing visible=false. Similiarly it could be applied for any UIComponent and any attributes.


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