My First ADF Mobile Application

Hello Readers,

This blog will treat you novice and help you build your first ADF Mobile application from Scratch.


  • Download latest Version of JDeveloper. I have
  • Arrange one android phone with KitKat OS installed.
  • Data Cable of your phone is required to connect your phone with PC.

Environment Setup

  • Start JDeveloper as Studio.
  • Goto Help->Check For Updates
  • Select Update Source-> in “Search Update Centers” make sure “Oracle Fusion Middleware Products” and “Official Oracle Extensions and Updates” are selected->click next
  • Select Mobile Application Framework(MAF) and start download.
  • It will take sometime depending on internet speed. For me it took almost 15 mins on 4MBPS.
  • Restart JDeveloper after installation.
  • Connect your android phone using data cable and enable USB debugging.
  • USB Debugging can be enabled from Settings->Developer Options->USB Debugging

Hello World Program

  • Create a New Application->Mobile Application Framework(MAF) Application
  • Select all defaults and click Finish.
  • Open maf-feature.xml in overview mode
  • Add new feature name = Demo, demo id = oracle.demo
  • below in contents tab, select content type = Local HTML
  • Below there is a file selector = click “+” to create a new file. Select defaults for file also.
  • In untilted.html, Type “Hello World” and “Save All”
  • Click on “Application” Menu -> Deploy ->Create New Deployment Profile->Profile Type=”MAF for Android”, Enter Profile Name =”Android Deplyment” ->click Finish.
  • Again Click on “Application” Menu -> deploy-> select “Android Deployment”->Select “Deploy Application to device” and finish. It will deploy application to the device.
  • Open Mobile Springboard->you must find”Demo” application there. Click on it, it will show “Hello World!”

Have fun!

Follow My blog for step by step details of the actions you performed.




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