Weather Application Using SOAP Web Service

This post will talk about how to create Weather Application using SOAP Service.

Before going to proceed we will talk about few basics,

Configuration file basics

MAF stands for Mobile Application Framework developed by Oracle for developing mobile applications that can run on android and iOS. MAF Application consists of many configuration files, web pages, images, etc. Lets discuss a little of those files,

  • maf-feature.xml – It containes feature related details.
  • maf-application.xml – It contains application level details including features display location etc.
  • maf-config.xml – It contains framework skin etc details.
  • – It contains JVM pramateters and other property details.
  • – It has logging configuration.
  • adf-config.xml – It has standard ADF configuration i.e. DB Lock type, security configuration etc.

Weather Application Steps

Create MAF Application. Like below,



Select All default and click Finish.

It will show page like below,



Click on “+” symbol for feature

enter details as below,



Make sure Content Type is selected “AMX Page”

Below for file, click “+” to add new file as below,



click “OK”.

Select New->From->Gallery->WebService Data Control as below,




enter data control name as below,




click on services button below name to fetch service details. then click next,


select getCityWeatherByZIP method as below,



Select other defaults and finish.


It will display page like below,



open weatherdetail.amx page

From data control drag details as below and drop as MAF Form,


Now drag result again to the page as below,


remove whatever attributes you want to remove from below screen. Click Ok.



Save All. You are done now.

Now deploy application as we have discussed in our first post and enjoy.

Actual Application Image from My XOLO Q3000 with Android KitKat 4.4 belowm





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